Friday, March 13, 2009

Rubber Ball Making

Supersaturate borax in water and then pour off the water into a large-ish cup. Start pouring in some glue
Pour in lots of glue...the more glue, the bigger the rubber ball.
Mix the glue together. You will start to feel the glue stick together. If it begins to stick to your fingers when you take it out, put it bax in the borax-water to bind again. You are making a polymer.
roll polymer into a ball when you take it out of the borax. If you can't roll it into a ball yet, put it back in the borax-water to bind and try again in a few minutes.

Enjoy! It was lots of fun and super easy. They don't last forever, but you can bounce them and play with them for a day or two.

Dominic had a blast with these. He was surprised the next morning when his ball was flat as a pancake..... =) He says he loves science! This is our next project!


The Good Life said...

What a fun project for Dominic. He is a very curious little guy so I'm sure he loved finding out how rubber balls are made. You get the funnest mom award today! Yay!!!

Holly said...

This was actually my first Chemistry lab in college, we weren't given any directions though...Dominic must be a genius!

Katie said...

I went to a chemistry lab at a community college here with the webelos. Thats where I learned it. Dominic couldn't come so I told him that we'd do the cool experiments that he shows us at home..........great to know the chemistry labs across the country are teaching the same material...=)

The Wiseman Life said...

That looks really are quite the chemist!