Tuesday, March 10, 2009

jump sky high!

There is this awesome trampoline place closeby that is called jumpskyhigh. It is a trampoline place with like 6 different arena's. There are trampolines on the ground, up the sides and it is lots of fun. Dominic won free tickets at school playing bingo so on Saturday we all headed down there and had a blast. And afterwards....the kids slept so good. Though, the next morning Dominic was too tired and too whiny to function that we left him home in bed with Grandma while we went to church........lol.

she liked to perch herself on the wall and bounce her butt and/or head off it
Sean and Dominic had a wicked game of dodgeball going on
Setting up for the kill

Having fun with Penny. She was so tickled that she could bounce so well.
He was all wored out (as we like to say). He even broke a sweat!
Dominic throws a good one right at Dad. He was injured.....injured bad.


momhirt said...

looks like you pretty much had the place to yourselves. how fun is that!!

Katie said...

there were lots of people on some of the other arena's that were larger and more geared towards bigger kids. But these ones were more for the little kids and yes....we were happy with how much freedom we had!

It was so much fun.