Tuesday, March 31, 2009

before and after

Before we do her hair everyday.... its like Jon's (my oldest brother) Mullet in high school. Its got a great differential.
After. I have to wet her hair to comb it because it ends up in such a fuzzy tangled mess in the back that it looks like its been burned/singed....but look at those curls after they have been wet!!!! I love them!


Britty said...

Oh, I KNOW the singed look! Lucy's hair does the same thing. Those darn carseats. Her hair is so darling and so curly. I've resorted to blow-drying Lucy's hair some days to get the curls to stick on top. I do what I gotta do!

momhirt said...

so pretty. it reminds me of eva's hair when she was little.

Katie said...

really? Eva had hair like this? I never knew that.