Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blend it up!

Sean is in love again. He has been wanting a vitamix for over 2 years and last week finally made the plunge. We already LOVE it so much that I wonder why it took us so long to get one (oh yeah...they are expensive, that was why). We got it on Monday and so far have made

5 different smoothies (some had spinach, cooked wheat, carots....all kinds of crazy stuff!!)
spaghetti sauce
wheat flour

I am so impressed with this little machine! Today I am going to make fettuccini alfredo with it for dinner. It comes with really yummy health-conscious recipes! Some interesting things I found that I can make in it are:

powdered sugar (its just a mix of corn starch and sugar blended together real fast!)
onion soup mix
rice flour
oatmeal flour.....ANY FLOUR!
ice cream (including soy ice cream! yuuum!)

On that note (because I made wheat flour) I was able to can a whole bunch of food recently in #10 cans at a friends house (THANKS NIKKI!). It was awesome. Did you know you can rent an electric #10 canner from the cannery for FREE99? It was super easy to use and we just bought whatever we wanted in bulk either from them or from costco (depended on what was cheaper) and then canned it all up! The only things we had to buy extra were the cans, lids, oxygen absorbers and boxes to put the cans in. It was still cheaper than buying them already canned from the cannery and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY cheaper than buying them from the store. And I got to pick what I wanted like JASMINE rice instead of plain white rice.... anyways, check it out in your area if you are interested. Its a nice feeling to get food storage started!


Lisa said...

Yes, Vitamixes are awesome. Did you know you can make peanut butter in them as well? Natural peanut butter is so expensive in the store, now you can grind your own (cheap) peanuts and make your own!

Katie said...

Oh wow...Sean will be so excited to try that...he's picky about his peanut butter and always gets the natural kind anyways! Thanks for the tip Lisa.

Katie said...


The alfredo sauce was the best I've EVER had....super rich and creamy but only made with 2% milk and silky smooth since it was blended so fast it made it boil!

Candace said...

We have always seen those demos at Costco. That is awesome that you like it. Maybe one of these days we will get one.

Britty said...

Brandon and I are jealous! He is no cook whatsoever, but he really wants one of these. One day we'll join the club!

Melanie said...

Katie! Your family is growing! And growing up!! I love to see the pix of them.

And yes, we have a VitaMix. James' mom gave us one. She thinks it's the best thing. We really should use it for more than fruit smoothies... I need to take a look at that recipe book. You've inspired me.

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