Sunday, February 15, 2009


Great-Grandma has a little sewing box that she keeps out by her chair in the living room that Penny is obsessed with. When she wants to play with it she says "Hewp, hewp hewp (help)....spoooooooooools!" She absolutely LOVES the spool box. It has buttons (which she calls butts) pins, small scissors and many many different colors of thread on wooden spools (they are really old spools of thread apparently). We love Grandma and I love that she plays so much with Penny while Dominic is at school. It is time we cherish with Grandma. Right now we are all playing a game of Uno (they are shuffling for the next hand) and Penny has gone to bed. Grandma is so fun to be around.

Opening the spool box, can't contain the excitement:

finding the bag of pins:

she loves these little blunt scissors:

She says scissors perfectly. Its the cutest thing.


momhirt said...

tell grandma that we love her too. she is the bestest g-grandma ever. such patience.

Lisa said...

She sure is a lucky girl to have her Grandma.