Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some Candids

Penny's hair is quite ridiculous in the mornings and after naptime. The other day after she woke up from a nap she brought Grandma a brush and the detangler and nudged her head towards her and said "hair...pwiiiiiiity." We have to do her hair quite often and so she's getting quite used to it.
She drops things off the edge of the coffeetable and then holds herself from falling with her feet as she picks them up again. She loves this game, and I love the view. She giggles the whole time she does it.
Dominic loves his sister and loves snuggling her when she falls asleep. He is the best brother ever.
She likes shoes and boots. This is her cheese grin (I love how its crooked). Just in the last week or so she'll smile when we ask her to say cheese. She used to sign the word cheese when we asked her to say it. Ha!

Doesn't she look like our Rose-bud in the last picture? Its like having a slice of Rosie even when she's in Utah....we miss Rose.


Julia Harps said...

she is getting so big! Sheis going to have the best hair ever once it grows on top! the curls are so cute.

momhirt said...

as barb would have said--what's not to like? she's amazing.