Thursday, February 05, 2009

Shabby Apple Baby Girl Picture Princess Contest

Penny is the picture perfect princess because she sparkles and we all know that princess' require lots of sparkle. Also, her name starts with P and so do all of the other 3 words in the contest PICTURE PERFECT PRINCESS PENNY. It just fits. I love that she has her Daddy's eyes and her smile melts our hearts. She's the GOOFIEST baby I know and will, on command, act silly. "Penny, be silly" - penny shakes her head and laughs hysterically......... and if you ask her "who's cute" she says emphatically "MEEEEEEEEEE!" with one hand in the air. She even makes her babies do it. "uhcute? meee!" as she raises their arms. At 14 months (today) she has blown our minds away with how much she learns each day. She's a smart picture perfect princess and understands everything we tell her. She talks more than I do (and thats a LOT). We love you Penny poo poo! Happy 14 months old!
She's takes princess baths

She hugs her princess kitty

She talks on her princess phoneS

We love our Picture Perfect Princess Penny

So, we're entering this contest just for fun. I think Penny would look cutest in this dress. What do you think? There are so many cute ones to choose from

Little Girls and Girls Dresses from Shabby Baby

A new cute wardrobe would be so much fun for this little picture princess! It would surely make her all the more sparkly!

Contest rules here


momhirt said...

do you have to model one of their dresses in the contest? how does it work? of course, she is already the numero uno 14 month old princess in our lives!

Katie said...

I just posted the contest rules. Just click on the link.