Friday, February 06, 2009

My weakness

These are my new found weakness.

They are gluten free, vegan cupcakes from Azna Gluten Free bakery here in Cameron Park (corner of Cameron Park Drive and Green Valley for those of you who live here and want to try them). They are AMAZING and I'm borderline addicted. Perhaps I should go buy a pregnancy test because they consume my thoughts at times due to their immpecable taste. Even Sean, Dominic and Grandma think they are de-lish.

Megan, thank you for introducing us to such a yummy treat, now come over and share one with us!

I call them miracle cupcakes because something gluten free AND vegan, should not taste this good. Do not confuse these with healthy, I'm sure they are not.....though I wish they were.

Rose, yours have already shipped. Be on the loookout.


The Good Life said...

Thanks for sharing your cupcakes with Paige and I, they are really yummy. Paige and I had a really fun time with you and Penny! We need to see you guys more often. do we shorten the distance between the pocket and cameron park?

annie said...

When are mine arriving??

Katie said...

One at a time Annie, one at at time....I want to see how they travel to Utah before I buy stock and send them around the world. Be patient young grasshopper.

her said...

i told everyone about these cupcakes for our good news minute in relief soceity. seriously.