Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grandma Williams

I found this neat link today. Catch up on Grandma Williams' life. I'm pretty sure this was made into a book by the lady who did the interview, but its nice to hear her voice!

We love you Grandma!

Oddly enough, I found it while looking for hairstyles. I want to dye my hair dark again and I remembered seeing Julie Beistline with long dark hair a few years back. I wanted that color so I looked to see if there was a picture on google.......and while I didn't find any pictures of her (except an old one)...this link of Gma Williams came up on the second page....lol Go figure. So, Julie...you have a fan club. Any great pictures of your hair straight and dark brown that I can show my hairdresser? lol.


Unknown said...

great find Katie!

Julia Harps said...

I haven't listened to it all but that is so cool.