Thursday, February 05, 2009

Dominic the wrestler

Dominic started wrestling with a local wrestling club (the middle school's don't have a wrestling team so that started a club). He LOVES it. There are 4 kids in his group. They are 1 year older, but its perfect. He's learning a lot already! Yesterday they focused on what he needed to do if someone got him on his back (which happens a lot right now). My favorite is that I let him take Dad's cell phone when we drop him off so he can call us if he needs anything and so usually we get a call during their water break with Dominic asking what time it is (he can't read time yet).......... ha! I love him. Enjoy!


rachel lee said...

HA! I used to wrestle in Junior High. Its such a fun sport and extremely exhausting!

momhirt said...

keep at it dominic! doing something really hard can be really fun! we love you. gma and gpa