Thursday, December 25, 2008

Signing Time

So my sister arranged for Rachel (from signing time) to come and say hello to my family while we were in Utah during Christmas break since a lot of the grand-kids watch the videos and a few of them are borderline obsessed (Penny included in the borderline obsessed group). It was a great time. Rachel was quite entertaining and much like Santa Clause without the "bowl full of jelly." Penny was a little star-struck and was more scared of her than she was of Santa Clause. I think it confused her that someone that was normally so small on TV was now a huge REAL person in front of her. Dominic thought it was "so cool" to meet the REAL Rachel and the REAL Leah. He said he just "couldn't even believe it."

Thanks Rachel and Leah for making our day special. We love signing time!


annie said...

WOO HOO for our kids being overly obsessed with Signing Time!!

Esther said...

That is awesome! We have the baby signing times, and Zeke loved them.

The Wiseman Life said...

I have actually seen those and they are really great! How fun you got to meet her!

The Wiseman Life said...

I so so so love my blush's. Thank you so much. I honestly have been telling everyone. They truly are a must have! Thanks again.

CHELZERS said...

Hey katie---
I'm trying to add your button to my 'other' blog but I can't get it to work...Is it something I'm doing? Thanks! Your kids are getting GINORMOUS! Hope you are well!

Unknown said...

Yay MiRanda, I'm glad you like them as much as we do! Kris didn't try one on did he? but if he did....did you get a picture you can post? lol

Okay Chelsey, either call me or Katy to help you, it should be just cut and paste but I don't know without knowing what you are doing. My cell phone number is the same and if you don't have it anymore then e-mail me your number and I'll call you

Jodi & Justin said...


Our next door neighbor, Shawwna, just found out she is pregnant - so I directed her to your Blush site.

Also - can you educate me? What is signing time? My toddler, Kaelin, used to watch Baby Einstein's First Signs DVD, and picked up a few signs that were helpful before she started speaking. Hailey is now 6 months and we are interested.


Monica said...

That is SO great! We LOVE signing time. How fun for the kids. Also, I keep trying to put your button on my new blog and it is not letting me. WEIRD. I will keep trying. :)