Sunday, January 11, 2009

Penny likes to ride her horsies

Where does she even learn these things? I don't know. She doesn't watch TV. Only thing I can think of is today I put a little baby of hers on a horsie and gave her baby a ride for about 2 seconds.

I hardly even noticed that she was even riding her eensy weensy horsie until she started making the clippity clop noise that she makes when a horsie trots......and I realized that she had a horsie she was trying to sit on. It wouldn't stay up so she kept standing it back up and trying again. We about died laughing and then got a slightly bigger horsie for the video.

She makes us laugh so much!


Esther said...

That is so darling! What a cutie! I love the face puppets too :)

Unknown said...

I'm dying... I love that Penny!!

Mrs. Frogster said...

THat totally made me laugh too! Great shot for the contest!

Kristie said...

She is adorable! And her trying to ride such a little horse is hilarious! She definitely needs one more her size :-)