Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are there Labor Laws against this?

Dominic likes to put the labels on the items that Daddy mails out. He gets paid a penny per label.
I got new packaging in yesterday and I had TONS of orders to fulfill. Grandma (she's 92) helped me fold them into boxes and then stuff them.
We are running a true sweat shop here.

So other news is that on Friday the 16th I will be on Good Day Sacramento. Tune in if you are local to catch the segment airing between 830 and 10. Those of you out of the area, I'll post the video afterwards. Yay!


Cristin said...

Ha ha, that was a really funny post. That picture of your grandma is really funny too.

The Mattesons said...

Katie, you always make me laugh! The pics of Dominic and your grandma are too funny! Good Luck with the show, I know you will do great.

Jamie said...

Child labor I can get, but making your 92 year old granny work in your little sweatshop? :)

I just got caught up on all your posts for the last while and I think you have 2 of the cutest and funniest kids. That Penny's got some major personality. The name fits. :) So cute.

Sam Hirt said...

Dominic has the good life, when I washis age I only got 60 minutes an hour, must be some new labor laws or something.

The Wiseman Life said... seriously do have a little shop at your house. Looks like a great way to spend FHE!

Sean said...

Notice how high that pile of DVDs got. I had to tell him to start a new one so they didn't fall over. I wonder how long he would have kept going.

rachel lee said...

I need to come out there!