Wednesday, December 03, 2008

She's crazy

She gets massive amounts of food in her hair everytime she eats. I think she has decided that if she has something on her hands (namely banana's) that hair works well to get it out! So fun. Needless to say she is bathed more than once a day.........which she loves.
Dominic went outside to read his pokemon book in the sunshine. Penny pounded on the glass begging to go out with him.
Patiently waiting to go see the birdies
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Jenny said...

Brin loves the food-hair combo also. She has pigtales that stick straight up in the air after she is done eating. The 2 of them are at such a fun age!

LeMira said...

I'm pretty sure she's just trying to find a new hair care product.

Teresa Jolley said...

I wish I could leave a diaper on Star like that. She takes them off and pee's.

Katie said...

ew gross..... thats funny.....inconvenient, but funny.