Wednesday, December 17, 2008

O Christmas Tree!

We put up the Christmas tree last week and it is the perfect tree. I got it, put it up on the stand (Sean wasn't home so I had to use some muscles if we wanted to decorate it that night) and Sean strung the lights on. Dominic and I put most of the ornaments on with a little bit of help from Dad and Grandma. We always get a new ornament for everyone every year and it was fun to have one for Gma this year! Sean always lifts Dominic up to put the angel on. Wonder how long he'll be able too do that still he's getting so big.

Finished tree. Its a little top heavy with ornaments because of the little 1 year old hands running around. We put her white birdie at the bottom.......she likes that one.

Then we made gingerbread houses too (not the same night). We made a gingerbread man/woman for each person in the house. Can you tell who is who? Come on, Penny knows who they are. She likes to point to them and say who each one is......... she laughs at Dooooooooom on the roof. We Love Christmas time around here!
Our finished gingerbread house. Penny likes to eat the little dots along the edge of the house (colorful shrubs). She bites them with her teeny teeth up front, its the cutest thing. She's doing triple signs and will sign MORE - CANDY - PLEASE . Its so cute I usually can't say no.

Dominic and I made some oreo truffles which were divine! We then dipped some oreos in the extra chocolate and took them to some friends and family. We ate a few ourselves and will definitely be making them again.


Crush one bag of oreos (save out 1/4 cup to sprinkle on top). Mix with one carton of cream cheese that is room temperature. Let chill. Roll mixture into balls and then roll in melted chocolate chips. Add garnish. Let cool on wax paper. Yum!


The Mattesons said...

You and Annie have given us so many treats we want to make this Christmas, I don't think we will be able to decide on just a couple! Your tree looks great and the gingerbread house and people are so cute!

momhirt said...

that goodies sound heavenly or devilish, can't decide which. the gingerbread house is beautiful. we are going out to tidwells to make graham cracker houses this sat. should be fun! martins too, of course. merry christmas! see you soon.

Julia Harps said...

I love the gingerbread house. so cute. we made one too and it was lots of fun.
I can't wait to try the oreo truffles.

annie said...

James says, "we should make oreo truffles?"

I say, "What? Oreo truffles?"

He says, "Their on Katie's blog. She left the recipe. We should make those!"

Yeah for blogs!! Yeah for people that post recipes!! Yeah for Oreos... and Truffles!! :o) Sounds like we'll have to splurge and buy some oreos and cream cheese ($7.00 for cookies and $4.00 for cream cheese)... or maybe I'll just wait till they go on sale! :o)

Unknown said...

Awesome! Love the tree, love the gingerbread house, love the treats... I LOVE Christmas!!... oh, and love you guys too.

ps I made those truffles the other day with the peppermint Joe Joe's... soooo good!

Katie said...

mmmmmmm wish I had a TJ nearby I would make some that way yummy

Lisa Loo said...

Sorry--was just on Annie's blog and decided to lurk a little--these sound heavenly--and simple--I can do simple! Thanx for sharing!
Merry Christmas!