Monday, December 15, 2008

I googled what I need

IN the google search bar I typed in "Katie needs" and then I did "Sean needs". These were the top 5 things that came up.

1) Katie needs Hula lessons.

Hmmm, well not really. I mean, I'm not a good hula hoop-er but if my hips get any smaller they'll be concave. I'm shaped like a boy

2) Katie needs your help!!!

Were the second and third exclamations really necessary? Yes, I know.....I need help but gosh, stop yelling at me.

3) Katie needs to be isolated.

From Sean's gas? Yes. I agree.

4) Katie needs to use the litter pan on her own.

Dangit......busted. See, Sean has set up a sled outside the bathroom door and sometimes I sleep there........ I should really learn to use the toilet on my own.

5) Katie needs YOU. HI! I need your help! I have weird hair and I don' t like it.

I did not say this. I just got my hair done and I love it actually. If you wrote this please confess now.

1) Sean needs 5 cakes

Just please make sure there is no dairy (please refer to Katie needs #3)

2) Sean needs a girlfriend

This must be an old post or something.......he's totally fine now. DISREGARD!

3) Sean needs to remember that there is no crying in baseball

and if it were up to Sean, there would be no baseball at all.

4) Sean needs a different rehab technique

Because the last 32 years of rehab haven't fixed him yet! Wait, oops...did I say that outloud? Who runs out of gas 2 times in one week?

5) Sean needs to take a look at the course of history over the past 50 or so years rather than a snapshot of his imagnination

I don't get it. Guess you had to be there for that one.

I tag........all my family! What do you need? Goodnight! I'm off to bed!


Nicole said...

Ha ha. I did it. The first thing that made sense was....
"Nicole needs no food when she can shop 'til she drops."

momhirt said...

hilarious! sorry about the sled. i was at wit's end!

Katie said...

No worries mom...... I remember thinking it was cool to sleep in a sled. Its all good and made for good memories.

I would have been at wits end too.....