Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Dominic LOVES to hold Penny. She's been a stinker lately and likes to scream at him but sometimes, she'll snuggle in and sit with her brother for a while. I love that he's patting her on the tummy in this picture.

Here we are all watching a movie together (The Testaments) after church. Dominic is a sucker for popcorn and movies. Its the best time to snuggle with him!

We love this little massager. I remember one my parents had at our house growing up and finding it to be the neatest little toy. I used to bounce it off my chin (don't ask!). Dominic's favorite game is to try to not laugh when he gets his massage. Penny thought it was interesting but I don't think I'd say she liked it.
Dominic loves to carry Penny, probably the reason she screams at him so much lately, he picks her up when she doesn't want to be picked up. He loves to get her out of her crib and bring her to me. He's really good with her and loves to help out. She had just woken up in this picture and wanted me to hold her..........unfortunately we have the SLOWEST CAMERA IN THE WORLD so she was fussing before the picture got taken.
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