Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Christmas Hat

She's becoming quite the ragamuffin lately. Notice the knitted santa hat that I made her, the orange backpack and the purple light-saber. All three of those she walked around with for more than an hour and if I took one away she screamed.
YOu should hear her say the word "baaaa-paaaak"
We push her around in the laundry basked while she says "Dooooooe, Doooooe weeee weee weeee"


annie said...

She's a ragamuffin, but we like her! :o)

momhirt said...

cute hat. you're getting good at that. she's her own woman, for sure.

rachel lee said...

OK. You need to start a hat company. We can add it to Blush. :)

Unknown said...

too cute... love the hat Katie, make me one, just sayin'