Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I have had a few people ask me for my button to go on their blog. First off, thank you for wanting to support me and my business. I have put directions of how to put this button on your blog. Copy and paste the html from the right using the directions below.

The first is for the BANNER that identical to the one here:

When logging in to blogger
1) go to layout
2) Click Add a Gadget
3) Click HTML / Java script
4) copy and past the following

If you would like a smaller BUTTON on your blog, use this option:

Again, thank you for being supportive! Our business is thriving and going through some great growth right now and we have great friends/family and customers to thank for that!

As always, use the code welovebloggers for 20% off the purchase of 2 or more!

Happy Day!


Matt and LeMira said...

By the way, I still love mine; and I did just blog about it. I hope the post sends more business your way!

Becs said...

Hey Katie - What do we need to copy to put the buttons on our blog? I've been meaning to ask you about this...good timing!

Katie said...

Look to the Right of my posts at the top of my blog. Pick which style you want and copy that CODE that is in the little window. Then follow the directions I posted and paste it into your Java script/HTML option in blogger

Let me know if that isn't clear still.......

Becs said...

Got it!! Thanks. :)

Teresa Jolley said...

I love love love mine for maternity women. There great and I will definatly put your button on my blog. Love you girl. I'm happy for you.

Monica said...

I am going to put this button on my blog. Such a great product!!!!