Friday, November 07, 2008

Penny Poo poo

She just gets so sleepy sometimes. I love the chubby-ness of her hand and cheek. This is why I lay in bed with her all day (okay not all day but I would if I didn't have stuff to do!).
Trick-or-treating wears a girl out. These pillows are for her carseat, but I quick grabbed them off and put them on the stroller cuz I knew she would be falling asleep. It was a long day!
She can walk now, wherever she wants. She's getting really really good at walking. However, when she uses her walker...she can zip around the kitchen sooooo fast. If she hits a barrier, she just pivots and goes again. Its great to watch.
So fun! Her hair is seriously out of control.

Notice Sean's Yes on 8 shirt! I had mine on too. Thanks Jennie! Make sure you make it to the end for her animal noises!

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momhirt said...

crazy woman driver!! quite advanced on the animal sounds though.