Saturday, November 08, 2008

Last day of soccer

Dominic had his last soccer game of the year today as well as his team soccer party. To top it off he even scored a goal! It was his only one of the season and coach was really pushing the kids to get the ball to Dominic so he could score. Turns out he didn't need the help. During a goalie kick on the other team, it went right to Dominic who kicked it right in. It was a really good goal and he was so proud. After his party he said, "this is the best day of my life." How can you top that? (stark contrast to a week ago when he stated, "You're ruining my life" because I wouldn't let him go to his friends house as he stomped off to his room.) Aaaaaaaaaaanyways, he had a great day and we were so proud of him. They got a small juggler soccer ball, a trophy and a medal. That was way too cool for my six year old! We are so proud of you Dominic, you had a great soccer season!

All sweaty, it was a REALLY hot Saturday.

These were his soccer pictures. What a handsome boy

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