Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We've had to change the position we change Penny otherwise she gets her hands all dirty. Needless to say, its quite entertaining becuase it makes her wiggle.
Last night we poked our heads in the kids room to get our last look (we love them and miss them at night) before we went to bed. Sean opened the door and was overpowered by a stinky diaper smell. I went it and got her, brought her out to the living room, undressed her, changed her and re-dressed her without her making a peep. Here she is all cleaned up and ready to go back to her crib.


Sean said...

This proves that I change diapers.

Katie said...

well, it could just prove that you're a poser.

Anonymous said...

heheheh...why fighting over diaper changing..whoever changes.the baby is relaxed making you happy in turn.Check my site for baby changing stations may be it could be of more help in resolving the issue.