Saturday, November 08, 2008

$5 garage sale

I bought this at a garage sale today for a whopping $5. We had one of these in my house when I was little so I couldn't pass it up. Dominic and Penny have been bouncing on it all day long. This video is long and kinda boring, but its us in all our glory. Penny screaming bou bou bou boub ou (bounce) over and over and over.

This was the first time she said the word Nose..... her, waving her finger around is the sign for "where?" as in, "where is Dominic."

Her butt hit the trampoline so hard once today that it knocked her over the edge. She laughed really hard about it and then got back on. She's a crazy kid.

Dominic is trying to learn to jump rope on the trampoline.

I on the other hand, am working up to it. Somehow its not the same as when I was little. Two kids later it makes me want to pee my pants.

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momhirt said...

this is a great age for babies -- something new every day! they are sponges.