Thursday, October 16, 2008

We love Pumpkins!

Our family at the pumpkin patch (plus Indiana, Dominic's new neighbor/friend!). We'll be back for one of those christmas trees come December.
Dominic the Jack-O-Lantern
That middle tooth is about to come out. He saved it for school today (to pull it out at school, ha!)

Its a Halloween Matteson tower!

Cutest fish-face. Can you do this?
Dominic ALMOST picked it up but Indiana was too heavy.
I LOVE halloween. I think I love Autumn mostly, but Halloween is fun fun fun. I don't get into all the evil halloween costumes and grave-yard decoractions, but I love pumpkins and fall and costumes! Stay tuned for our pumpkin carvings next week!

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momhirt said...

love the fish face. love all the kids. even that big one named sean.