Thursday, October 30, 2008

Proposition 8

So, recently the opposing campaign came out with a commercial where the superintendent of public instruction for the California Teachers Association called attention to some of the YES ON 8 CAMPAIGN's concerns saying they just were lies and shameful that we even used them in our campaign. He's the clencher....that marriage is not REQUIRED to be taught in schools. Well, Mr superintendent.....did you know that 96% of schools do teach about marriage? You should........your supposed to know these things. And while they may not be required to teach this information they do...and while they teach the information they have to teach it as it applies to the law in California. Hmmmm.....which validates the YES ON 8 concern. Again....another example of half-truth = still lies.

Here is a letter that was sent to the parents of the elementary school children who were forced to participate in “Coming Out Day” a week ago in Hayward, California. There is also a video that will soon circulate if this passes. These are the instructions and worksheets that come along with the video. This is the type of information that I WANT to be able to decide when to teach my children, the schools should have no say in this type of alternative lifestyle.

So, to the lady that posted a comment on my blog because I sent her mom a letter asking her to CONSIDER (I did not use forceful wording) Yes on 8 and the information I provided....I say to re-consider your logic. These are not lies. We just call the shots as we see them and you can at least see why we are concerned. So far the No campaign (or the state of California) has given us NO reason to feel that these issues are illogical and no hope that our logic will be considered


and if this does not pass.........we'll probalby be homeschooling next year......and if they dont' let us (that happened in Cali last year).....we'll move.


Cristin said...

Wow, Katie, those links are scary. I don't know... I came home tonight after standing on the corner again with our sign really worried that this won't pass. I hate being called a bigot. I completely understand the logic of this proposition, I don't understand why others don't.

Katie said...

Hang in there Cristin! Only a few more days and you'll know if you need to move or not. j/k

I pray every night that this will pass but also have put it into the Lords hands. If it doesn't pass it just means we're getting closer ....... and that just means we need to be all the more fervent to what is right.