Tuesday, October 21, 2008

more on prop 8

So, you might be wondering which presidential candidate supports marriage between a man and a woman? That might make your decision on who to vote for easier right? I wish their words counted in California.......

Yes on Proposition 8

That should make your decision for which party to vote for - clear as mud (as my dad would say)! I'm glad that both candidates support marriage between a man and a woman!

Take religion aside, why else should we support proposition 8?

(more of his videos here)

I'm trying not to make this post long. However, there is so much to say and so little time! A blogger named Troy has researched and factually layed out the facts for proposition 8 in a very analytical way (click on highlighted words to get to his post). Some people need analytics to really get to the meat of the subject matter and see the bigger picture. This is the best compiled post I have seen ANYWHERE on the issues of proposition 8 and I challenge you to snuggle up in your chair with some popcorn and read it. Make sure to read the comments too as they may enlighten you also.

There are less than 2 weeks to go on this campaign. If you have not already done so, please make a donation to the Protect Marriage website with CTA as the referral code to let them know that you do not support the California Teachers Association's donation opposing proposition 8.

Right now we are ahead in the polls but the opposing campaign has raised more money than us in recent weeks and will be using that money for more ads and if we don't get support from ALL OVER, our voice may be drowned out by the lies and half-truths (which are still lies by the way). This is the most crucial time in the campaign as it is getting really close to election day. Please support in any way that you can!

Read a good story about an apple and banana that helps us understand that "...for a changing society, we need NEW TERMS to describe the types of relationships people have the free choice to form – not new laws that will put us all in speech & religious bondage. If the opponents to Prop. 8 were really interested in defining their relationships, they would be lobbying for their own definition, their own term of their relationship rather than trying to force it from something else."

Yes on 8!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your great post! If you know to stop at a red light, you’d agree it’s unreasonable to say to your child would you like an apple or an apple when you’re holding up 1 apple and 1 banana!!

For a changing society, we need NEW TERMS to describe the types of relationships people have the free choice to form – not new laws that will put us all in speech & religious bondage.

Vote not with emotion but with reason; get the facts: www.ifprop8fails.org, www.protectmarriage.com, and www.preservingmarriage.org. Let's you , me, and our same-sex friends unite to vote Yes! on Prop. 8.

Unknown said...

I love this line "our voice may be drowned out by the lies and half-truths (which are still lies by the way)." first because you are calling them on their twisting of the truth and it makes me chuckle because a half-truth just as you put it, a lie.

Vote Yes to Prop 8 and make your vote count.


Left Coaster said...

great reasoning. vote Yes on Prop 8!


beetlebabee said...

It seems to me that we're allowing our kids to be used in schools like social laboratory rats instead of human beings. Did you know that France already went through this fight? I was shocked to learn that. France! of all countries. Who would figure they would be our allies in this?

I have been looking into their studies. They actually REJECTED gay marriage because they found it hurt kids. I guess it shouldn’t surprise us that genders matter in child rearing, but it seems like in all the hullabaloo about so called “gay rights” we’ve forgotten about the kids’ rights. Kids have rights too.

To hear the opposition tell it, you’d think we were the only backward country in the world that hadn’t already accepted the inevitable. Only five countries have legalized same sex marriage. France is one of the ones who studied it out first. They went to those five countries and saw what their choice had done to the stability of their countries. There are marked declines in health and family. It’s worth looking into, rather than just running full steam ahead into oblivion. I am always leery of people who want to guilt me into voting a certain way. It makes me want to say, so….what’s the other side? here it is.


Yani said...

thanks for this post, I will use it for facebook!!

beetlebabee said...

The best argument we have is the one that matters most. Our kids. Did you hear about the kids in Hayward California? Their school held a "Gay" day and didn't tell parents about it before hand. Kindergartners were taught about gay relationships as equal with marriage, and the parents had no opportunity to "opt out" like the opposition is telling us they will. It's happening already! Protect our kids. Vote YES on Proposition 8

Download Gay Day information flyer for parents of school age children and grandchildren here: http://beetlebabee.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/pacificjustice_layout.pdf

I printed these up and passed them around my neighborhood. Parents need to know!

emi. said...

Thank you for your post!

I've found that lots of people talk about the rights that will be denied homosexual couples if this doesn't pass. this is a misinformed argument.

there is a good post about it here:
(and it's short)


it's also "children have a right to a mom and a dad week" on my blog. i would love comments and participation.


yes on prop 8!