Sunday, October 19, 2008

More about proposition 8

Here are many of the recent videos that The LDS church has made in support of proposition 8.

I urge you to view them all throughout the day as you have time. Not only will this educate you on the issue, but it will bring these videos higher in the search engines as well. There are only a few weeks left.......we must do ALL we can to help this proposition pass.

Enjoy! Click here


Monica said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Thanks for sharing and helping in such a worthy cause. Your kids are adorable. Too bad we don't live closer.. Penny and Sofie would be playmates! Hope Prop 8 passes.

jd said...

hey katie-- thanks for the youtube link. I am FURIOUS at the CTA, something has GOT to be done about this-- I have felt helpless, I want to sue, I want to do SOMETHING... the latest No on Prop 8 radio commercial is hilarious because it says the Yes camp claims that it will affect schools are wrong (because some superintendent said it wouldn't??) and that "Prop 8 has NOTHING to do with education and schools..." and then, in the next breath, "California teachers say NO on Prop 8". HUH?? I'm glad to know there are other angry teachers out there... now we need to figure out how to band together! p.s. LOVE THAT PENNY

Katie said...

Yes! Its infuriating even for those of us that aren't teachers.

I'm glad you have your bumper sticker that says "THIS TEACHER IS VOTING YES ON PROP 8"

If you haven't made your donation to in retaliation against the CTA please do so! Its probably the best way at this point to retaliate their decision and put the $$$ back at them. Make sure to use the code CTA in the referral box so they know that its money specifically in opposition of the CTA's decision.

We all feel your pain and anger and I've come to learn that this isn't the only issue that they lovingly donate your funds to but that there are funds year round donated to politics and wierd stuff......PAY YOUR TEACHERS! ....... keep up your good work Jenny, you're a saint!

jd said...

thanks katie! I actually was online trying to find ways to protest and thought "hey, now's a good time to donate, anti-CTA" as I saw a lot of other people had done (donated the money CTA gives back to them, for example) and then I got your message-- so I went right on there and donated! Thanks for the push and the words of encouragement!

love the links you have on your sidebar, btw-- the "answers to tough questions" is great, I would like to put all those great arguments on a sandwich board and just wear it all day, MAKE people read it.

keep up the good fight--

beetlebabee said...

contributing now is the best way to counter what they've done. Since that kindergarten class had "Gay Day", the yes on 8 campaign has great cannon fodder for those ads showing Jack O'Connell lying about schools not having SSM taught. The problem is, Yes on 8 has no matches to light the fuse. They're out of funds. If you can, make a donation today. It could make the difference in this election.

See the info here: