Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

His face was pretty grossed out, but he didn't actually mind after that initial PLUNGE into the pumpkin. He loves the baked pumpkin seeds so we cooked some up right away!
Here is our little family of pumpkins. From left to right, Mommy, Daddy and Dominic and Penny up front. Dominic drew Penny's
Ironman and Penny
Killer. I'm not even sure if he knows who Ironman is, but he was dead set on the costume.


momhirt said...

tell dominic he looks awesome! i'll bet he'll be wearing that to play around for a long time. cool costume! sort of beats out the white bunny!!!!

Katie said...

No mom, nothing beats out the white bunny.

annie said...

What happened to him being the fat man bat??!! :o) HA! He's super coolio!

Nicole said...

I love love love your family of pumpkins! Sweet costume, Dominic. I have seen previews of the movie, but I don't really know who Ironman is either. :)

Joe said...

my roommate bought the same costume and tried to stretch into it but it didn't work hahaha.