Thursday, September 25, 2008


Dominic got to play soccer in Alaska this summer, but soccer here starts in September because of the heat....sooo, he got to play twice this year. He loves it and although the youngest one on his team, he's keeping up with all his team mates. Its fun to watch him learn and grow.

It was a really hot day that first game and all the boys were red in the face. 
Just kicked the ball. I was so proud of him!
Nothing better than a good carrot when all is said and done. Penny is paying attention (quite closely I might add) to Dominic showing her how to BITE instead of scrape at the carrot.


Porter Family said...

That picture of the carrots is too cute, the expressions on both their faces is pricless. Penny is a doll! And Dominic, well, he and Shira are just growing up way too fast. What a cutie. Love the tutu on Sean's head, I'm sure he'll want it as his background for his pc. he he.

Eva Jane said...

uh, the carrots look like raw hot dogs and it's kind of making me sick...

Go Dominic Go!!

Julia Harps said...

all those pictures are so cute. Penny is adorable in every one.