Thursday, September 25, 2008

I lost the camera cord....and the I found it

So I'm sorry. I lost the cord to the camera so that I could put pictures on the computer. I found it last night.'s what you've been missing.

I think I read 3 too many vampire books (Twilight, Eclipse, New Moon) while I was pregnant with Penny. She's a little snaggletooth.

Penny loves her baby dearly and her little chair that she inherited from Dominic. This is her "I'm ready to watch baby signing time" position.
He's lost his 3rd tooth and his message to the tooth fairy was "Hi, this is Dominic. I've lost my very 3rd tooth so..... " long silence *click* "Thats all he wanted to tell her." I love him
She still goes upside down whenever she can. She's seriously one of the silliest babies I know. She'll also shake her head and bounce and laugh at anything. She takes 5 steps and is beginning to get into a lot of things. This morning she dropped her cheerios from her high chair one by one. Guess, she wasn't hungry.......for those.

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rachel lee said...

I love that last picture of Penny on her head.