Thursday, September 25, 2008

A few more

Grandma was teaching Dominic how to play solitare. She's so good with kids.
Penny was JUST asleep on Sean but my camera is so slow. She popped her little head up and I got a "I just woke up" face. Her hair is getting so curly.
She does this new thing in the bathtub where she's sitting on her knees and then she shoots forward into the water like a fish. She laughs and laughs and does it over and over. She hears me say bathtime and starts signing bath like crazy and bouncing and sounds quite panic-ish....she loves her water.
And how bout these goucho's. I love them on her........big head = big brain = smart. Right? Her head circumference is off the charts and this picture makes it look really big to me. Just draw the conclusion. Oh fine, I'll tell you...she's going to be REALLY smart.. ha ha.
None of me lately. I'm okay with that =).


Sean said...

The gauchos are daddy's favorite.

Jenny said...

Katie! Thanks for getting caught up. Seems like Brin and Penny would get along great. They are both interested in a lot of the same things. I like to give her a big honk'n carrot to scrape on too. Brin has been taking 6-10 steps for a couple of weeks now but can't get it on video because she will just stare at the camera and do a cute point with her cheek resting on her shoulder. Thanks for getting us caught up on the Matteson household.

Julia Harps said...

keep them coming. this is so fun to see how cute she is ALL THE TIME!