Thursday, September 25, 2008

cute candids

We scored a free carseat...its in perfect condition and would have cost us about $200 to buy this same one.
When she first started standing for long periods of time....thats so like, 2 weeks ago.
"I look like my cousin Sayler sometimes."
I found out that I like ziploc bags
and fruit by the foot
and telephones "Hi, Dadddda"
and chocolate chip cookie dough.


Sean said...

The story the blog doesn't tell is that while I was picking up the plastic bags, she was going through the Fruit by the Feet.

Eva Jane said...

I love that little lady!

CHELZERS said...

She has changed soooo much since I've seen her last! Such a cutie! What great pictures of the kids (I'm including sean in that; LOL)
Hope you guys are well!!

momhirt said...

she is just so dang cute. little rosie all over again. she is so cute in her dress. cute. cute. cute.

cambridgeclan said...

It's always fun to see someone elses blog.