Thursday, September 25, 2008


I'll probably get in trouble for posting this one.....
and the black goucho's.......with a tutu..why? cuz its cute dangit.
King Dominic. 
and his princess
Isn't he fierce?


annie said...

AWESOME!! Brenna is still a little afraid of her tutu, but I love it!! :o) So fun!

It looks really good on Sean's head! HA!

I LOVE the cape! I'm going to make one like that. It turned out great!

Thanks for getting me all that material too! More projects for me to do! WOO HOO!

Eva Jane said...

Best looking king and princess ever!

momhirt said...

royal children. of great lineage.

The Highland Hill's said...

Sean looks so reminds me of some of the outfits he use to wear on the mission :)