Thursday, July 24, 2008

pizza on the Q

Since its so hot outside I've been trying to cook without heating up the house. This was a trick I learned while at Grandma Penny's house (Sean's mom). She made these yummy pizza's that apart from making the pizza crust, literally only took 8 minutes from start to finish. Yummy, healthy and it didn't heat up the house. Ingredients are:

tomato slices
fresh basil
feta cheese

you cook the dough directly on the grill. Just shape your pizza, plop it on the grill and close lid, flip it over after 2-3 minutes (on low flame) and then add toppings, close lid again and 3 more minutes and viola (Sean keep your mouf shut)....its done and yummy.

You can make any pizza on the grill too. Don't think for a second that Sean tried this, I made him a pepperoni and cheese pizza. These two were for Grandma Matteson and I. OH SO YUMMY!


Cristin said...

What a good idea. I am totally doing this!

Julia Harps said...

I always need ideas but I also need a grill. thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

oh Yummmmmm! Those look delicious. I'm going to give it a try!

jana said...

Those look fab! I'll have to try it!

annie said...

yum... wanna make some with me this weekend??!! I think mom and dad could eat it... except for the cheese !