Thursday, July 03, 2008

photos from our trip

Penny thinks she can stand up and walk. Buuuuuut, she can't. She loves to pull herself up on everything and stand and then she just lets go, or start jumping, or turn around. I have to keep telling her she's only 6 1/2 months old....and she responds with a "babababababa" which I think means, "yeah but I'm almost 1 mom and that means I need to walk". Notice the wet mark on the couch where she placed her mouth while she muscled her way up.
I only came as a set of 1....... bizzy bizzy bizzy, thank goodness!

Owen tickled his face with this ball......He is such a funny kiddo.

Aunt Eva reading a story (most retarded poem by the way). I don't know what I will say if Penny ever asks me what a " wondrous wet refrain" is. I'm still trying to figure it out.

hello there!

Aunt Courtney got me some glasses. Aren't they cute?
I love books. Grandma got me a new book. I love my Grandma's.


CHELZERS said...

We have that same dumb book (and a couple others in the same vein, which are all dumb). But dang if they don't just love 'em! :) Looks like fun! Go, Penny, go!

Sean said...

I love how she stands on the tops of her toes.

Julia Harps said...

she is a doll. I love the one in the red basket. and the one of her and eva. my favorite trick she does iis the spontanious standing on the head. a must do for everone! she is hAlarious!

Sam Hirt said...

a wondrous wet refrain is when you are thankful that you are no longer in diapers so you don't have to change yourself every time you go pee, and can instead "refrain" until wetting is more appropriate.