Wednesday, June 04, 2008

our week

This is Katie, not Sean posting this despite what it says at the bottome. This was our FHE lesson on Monday. When we do the things that Christ has asked of us (yellow blocks) its easy to build lots of things around it because we have a good foundation. When we skip those things there's not a lot of room to put the other things we like to do (television, playing, cooking, cleaning) and the towers tumble. Every night we've been building our tower to see how we did that day. There are 2 blocks that say eating cookies........we eat a lot of cookies BUT as long as there is room for them on the tower thats okay right?

And this is just a cute shot I got of my little boy Penny today.....HA....if I don't put her in pink or purple she looks like a cute little boy....... she was being so silly and SOOO BIIIIZZZY here. Just rolling around, crawling and doing bridges with her body. She's such a joy!


Julia Harps said...

what a great idea. both your kids are so cute. Penny is so sweet. and happy! she's got tons of personality.

annie said...

I want one of those towers... with the cookies!! :) Cute FHE!