Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Look Who's Crawling!

I think I have the silliest and craziest baby I've ever met. Since she was about 3 months old she lets us know that she's having fun or wanting to be silly by shaking her head at us. She can do it on command if we shake our head at her. She does this with a huge grin on her face and its so much fun. She started by doing it in the carseat, I think she liked how it felt to hit her head on the sides, then the changing table, then whenever she's in a silly mood. Sometimes I'm worried it might be a tick because she does it so much buuuuuut Sean laughs at me because she does it in response to us usually. Its not a tick.... just a silly personality.

So, she started crawling (HUGE AMOUNTS OF EFFORT GO INTO IT STILL) and loves it so much that she shakes her head sometimes if she's really excited to get whatever it is that she's going after. This was yesterday. She's getting so big.

Again, anybody know how to slow down time?


CHELZERS said...

Go Penny!! She'll get it all coordinated in no time. Which reminds me, when you figure out how to slowdown time, puh-leeeease let me know! I feel like someone is pushing the fast forward button (most of the time)!! :)

Julia Harps said...

that is so cute. the shaking head thing is halarious. What a doll. she is at a fun age. When I get a house I want yo uguys to come hang with us for a week or something. play at the beach etc.