Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Dominic

We had a pool party for Dominic's birthday. All the food was such that we didn't need paper plates and forks! Yay! We had a great time. Lots of friends and family were there. Thanks to everyone who came and shared Dominic's big day...he had a great time! In the meantime, I can't believe this little guy is 6. When he woke up that morning he said he felt taller and that while yesterday he was this (showed me with his hands) tall, today he was this (a few inches more) taller. When we went to the store that day he was pushing the cart and said "see, and now that I'm 6 I can see where I'm pushing it." Such a funny kiddo.

Please, no pictures. Its a private party.
Opening some presents
Dominic was trying to push Andrew in...but guess who won?! lol
cupcakes and ice cream cones. Thanks Megan for helping me scoop 36 cones!
splish splash

Thanks Eva! He loves them (and he could care less that they're purple).
I think Alyssa wants a bite and I want to eat his dimples...mmm

Sean's cousin Anam swimming with Penny, Aiden doing some crazy trick with his shirt and shorts, me helping Willow swim, Stella not going to drown to save her life with all the gear she has on not to mention Megan nearby and Tara....chillaxin ! Yay for pool parties!
I think I could have had like 6 of these cupcakes. Good choice Dominic. Alas, I only had one. Dominic blew out the candle before the song was even over.....kinda made it hard to finish the song. lol


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Dominic!! Looks like a lot of fun. Penny is huge... I miss them :(

Emily said...

6 years! Way to go Dominic! I love Summer pool parties too. :)