Friday, June 06, 2008

The Best Day Ever

"This is the best day ever!" Dominic muttered under his breath yesterday after opening a birthday present early. He's leaving for Alaska for 5 1/2 weeks on Fathers Day to go see his Dad and so we let him open his present from Grandma Penny early so he could play with it. It was the perfect gift and no words could describe how much he loved it better than his. "Oh my goodness, how did she know?! You have GOT to be kidding me. He's the one with the yellow eyes! Its exactly what I wanted....he has a cyber planet key! Ohmigosh I can see the all-spark! This is so cool! I don't even believe it! Are you kidding me?" and on and on and on. All direct quotes from his mouth. So funny, he's been playing with his new Optimus Prime toy all day. Thanks Grandma!

And this was the part where Dominic brought home a human sized stuffed painting of a whale. thank you Mrs Wong. Sooo, he decided to scare Daddy and put it on his side of the bed under the blankets. Unsuspecting Daddy *wink wink* was totally shocked to find a whale in his bed when he went to lay down for a nap! In retaliation (cuz Sean doesn't let things die) he put a diaper in Dominic's bed under his pillowcase in his pillow (don't worry it was clean). Dominic went to bed and we heard a "Heeeeeeeeeeey, who put a diaper in my bed??!!" Sean laughed and said it was him to which Dominic (in his best mimickry of Sean's responses in the same circumstance) said, "you little thtinker!!" I'm still not sure what exactly we're going to do with this whale....or if it will slyly disappear while Dominic is in Alaska. All I can say was I was jeloeus (she meant jealous - Sean) of the parents who's kids made the starfish and seahorse.

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Jamie said...

"He has a cyber planet key" I love it. That's so cute how excited he was about it.