Saturday, April 12, 2008

Discovery Museum in the San Francisco Bay

We went to Discovery Museum (yeah! It was free day!) at an old army base near the San Francisco Bridge today. It was unusually warm which we were fine with. Dominic had a blast and I'm sure will sleep well tonight for all the playing he did. They had really neat things like an art room, outdoor playground with a cave, pirate ship-wreck, yacht, spider web, gong, maze, tree trunk staircase, kids toy expert room, SF bridge model. All kinds of great stuff that Dominic just had a blast. We stayed till the absolute last minute and when we got home Dominic asked if we could go back on Monday....I think he had fun.

We're just going in and ready to play! Can't you tell?

This was a pirate ship that Dominic absolutely loved. You could get up above by going up a ladder and it had a wheelhouse and a plank and everything. The SF bridge in the background was pretty amazing!

Dominic said his favorite thing from the whole park was the "gong" and how hard Anam (Sean's cousin) hit it.

This was a whole wall that you could just paint on and then spray with water and squeegee off and start again. It was great and I think he spent 30 minutes here.

So Messy but so fun!


Julia Harps said...

Looks awesome. Maybe we'll come visit sometime and go there too. Penny is so cute, all smiles.

Katie said...

your kids would LOVE it Julia.....

annie said...

what a fun day. penny looks cute in the pack. love you. mom

annie said...

I love the painting wall! My kids went to a museum like that in Palm Springs and they had an old VW Bug there to paint. Every day was a new color of paint and then every few months they took it all off! It was awesome. Looks like you had a fun day!

By the way: is Sean growing hair??!! Or are those shadows on the side of his head??!! :o)

Mark, Robin, Mitchell, and Jarod Ormsby said...

You live near San Francisco....REALLY...and no visit, phone,,, anything.....update us....Mark and Robin we can schedule a visit. Family looks great