Monday, March 31, 2008

Dominic wins the best brother award!

There is no doubt that Penny loves her brother! She lights up every time he is around and he just can't get enough of her. Today I dropped him off at his friends house and as he was running inside he stopped, turned around and ran back to give her a hug and a kiss (and then he puts his cheek up against her mouth so she can give him a kiss). He's really a great brother!

So enjoy the laughs.....he's the only one who's ever made her laugh like this.

I love my kiddos!


annie said...

LOVE IT! If I had a blue ribbon for best laughing, she'd win hands down! And Dominic would get one for being the best brother! HA... love that.

Eva Jane said...

I can't watch this enough. So stinking cute!

The Mattesons said...

I would totally have to agree that the video is really cute. Dominic seems like such a great big brother. And Penny does look like a happy baby all the time, you are soo lucky!