Friday, March 07, 2008


So we were in Southern California this last weekend and we went to the beach on Saturday. By no means was it beach weather but we went to let the kids play in the sand and dig holes etc.... Dominic insisted on being shirtless even in the frigid weather. I was reminded that back home in school kids would leave for Spring Break to California and come back tan and talk about how warm it was. I laughed at the thought of these WHITE WHITE kids in swimsuits on the beach this time of year as we all huddled in our blankets and watched the kids play. I guess compared to the frigid temperatures up in Alaska it would be swimsuit weather. I had imagined it a bit more tropical.

Dominic and his cousins love to dig one big hole with their shovels. Dirt flies all over the place and rule is the shovels can't go above the waist. We got out the football and played smear the queer (why is it called that??) to get warm. 2 packs of oreo's a bag of doritos and a half eaten bag of cheetos with sand in it (thanks Denali) later we packed up and headed back to Julia's. All in all it was a great trip to the beach.

Jon and Maggie's house for dinner with 5 hirt's present (Jon, Julia, Eva, Katie and Nephi) was lots of fun. I'm sure the missionaries who showed up for dinner were a little overwhelmed but the chaos is implied when that many of us get together. Penny was hamming it up and barfing all over the place (its what she does best really) and Jon challenged Dominic to a wrestling match if he finished his dinner ( I ate one of his bites truth be told....what?!! I was hungry!!) I love seeing all our kids hanging out and creating memories together.

I told Sean I'd drive the whole way home if he let us stay for the dinner Sunday night. He doesn't usually like to start the drive home that late cuz he has to work Monday mornings. Needless to say, I was in the backseat soothing Penny the whole time. We pulled in at 1am.....I have a great husband.

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The Highland Hill's said...

sounds like alot of fun..except the weather...but I am sure it beats the nice cool 30's here in Utah...