Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Are you scared?

I told him to make a scared face........hmmmmmm. He's cute though! This was a display in the Anchorage airport. We were on our way to get our bags. Unfortunately I left one piece of luggage at the airport (Dominic's $20 car-booster-seat for the car). Did I bother to ever re-claim it? Well, no. I have another one in Sacramento. Not worth dragging two kids through the airport and sorting through a room full of hundreds of lost bags. So, if you're ever in the Anchorage airport and have nothing to do.....feel free to go find yourself a free booster seat. Note to self: converse high top shoes are not great at aiports, they take a 5 year old a zillion years to get back on after going through security.


Sean said...

Yeah, totally not worth it. I mean, we use 20s for tissues anyhow.

CHELZERS said...

That's hilarious. All of it. Oh and the puke thing, soooo don't miss that. Two of mine had reflux and I smelled pretty ALL the time! :) AD went well. Made a big mess, as usual.Have a great rest of your trip. See you soon! (Sorry-- another comment from me. :) )