Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Big Idea

Our business is being featured tonight on the "MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION" segment at the very end of The Big Idea on CNBC. It is me on a horrible webcam talking in a ridiculously excited voice (lol)......what we(I) do to be on TV........Tune in to see me or visit the website after it airs to see our clip online! Its on the bottom right hand corner with the Million $ Question Logo. If you have never seen this show, I recommend it. Its very inspiring and fun to see all the new ideas out there and the stories behind how they came to be!

The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch

and if you don't know my business click below

Blush {your topless undershirt}


annie said...

I can't get to your video... I see your picture and your name, but when I click on them it takes me to your website... how can I view you on the show?? :o) I wanna see how perky and annoying you are on camera!! HA... help me!

Eva Jane said...

I just watched (from sam's blog) WAHOO! nice job!'re totally worth a million. I get to see you on Sunday, can't wait to kiss on that baby of yours! xoxo

Esther said...

That's awesome!! Congratulations with your business, I'm going to get me one!