Thursday, February 14, 2008

I heart you!

Happy Valentines Day! Penny doesn't so much love tummy time, but its growing on her. I have a picture of Dominic in this exact position. She's getting so big. She is so concentrated in the first one. She was having so much fun (for the whole 30 seconds that she could handle it).
So Dominic and I plastered the inside of Sean's car with paper hearts today. Dominic made a big one to tape onto the stearing wheel that said "we love you Dad" and I made one to go on the back bumper that said "honk at me -mywife and kids wish you a happy valentines day!" Sean enjoyed the surprise and said it "made me smile." I was semi-dissappointed because his car ran out of gas and so he didn't drive it home (whose car runs out of gas anymore these days!!!) I made quiche for dinner and we drank a bottle of bubbly (Martinelli's style). Dominic had water cuz he thinks carbonation is too "spicy."

We hope you had a great Valentines day!

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