Monday, February 25, 2008

Boudreaux's Butt Paste

If you haven't heard of Butt Paste its amazing. It smells good, doesn't sting and is more natural than Desitin. I used it with Dominic, but he really didn't get many diaper rashes so I never had a true testimony of it till now. Penny has never had a diaper rash but she does get raw/red/irritated skin in the folds of her neck (yes she's a chub chub). I've been doing my dangdest to keep them clean and dry but Sunday at church was distraught to find her neck pink/raw and slightly bleeding. Poor little baby. I conversed with a friend about it (thanks Laurie!) and came home and tried butt paste. Penny's neck is dry and normal now. It only took about 2 hours after the Butt Paste to make a clear difference. Who knew it would have muti-functional uses! Way to go Butt Paste, you're the winner in our!!


Sean said...

Not to be confused in any way shape or form with butt butter.

1234567 said...

We loved Butt Paste so much when we tried it in the States that we're now bringing it to the UK. It's thanks to people like yourself that we found out how great this is, via blogs. Thank you all :) will be the site, ready soon.

Steve, Isle of Man, UK