Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Baby Stages

Yesterday Penny started laughing. It was also the first time we were so unprepared for such an event. The video camera was dead as was the digital camera and we had no more batteries. She was laughing at a goofy noise I was making (not to be repeated outside the confines of my home) and it was amazing! Needless to say I think its time to invest in re-chargeable batteries like the ones my parents had growing up.

As I was making some business calls yesterday Dominic came in and I told him I couldn't be interrupted. He huffed off and was back in two minutes and slapped a note down in front of me. This is how it read: "Can I Wosh Teevee Plees." How can I say no to that. He's getting to be such a good reader and speller (he better for all the homework they assign in kindergarten!"

I've started exercising again and am in a slump. My back burns (with tightness) while I run because of this stupid car-seat I have to carry around all day and its hard to stay motivated. Needless to say I'm enduring it. If anyone wants to do a race this summer let me know, I think I need a goal to work towards. Right now my goal is for my muffin top to shrink.


Sean said...

My goal is to fit into Dominic's sweatshirt.

Katy said...

So cute... i will spy like crazy now

CHELZERS said...

Wow! So adorable! You must have just done this because I swear I just looked at it the other day. Nice job! I need to ask for pointers! ;) Happy Valentine's Day!

Johnson Family said...

Love your blog! I might be interested in a race. . Let's just see if I can stay motivated too . .Let's talk:)!